Aerial view of a long and wide river surrounded on both sides by green fields and forests

San and Vistula Valley

San and Vistula, are the two longest rivers in the Podkarpackie. It is around them that the San and Vistula Valley is located. Discover its beauty and experience the good current of Podkarpackie.

Extensive tourist offer

The San and Vistula Valley is located in the "centre" of the Podkarpackie regions and borders all of the other tourist regions. It brings together a lot of cities with a rich tourist offer. The land stretches across several locations, from the northern to the eastern border of the Podkarpackie region, and can offer visitors many attractions.


What distinguishes the San and Vistula Valley? Certainly, it is the diversity of nature. Here you can get to know both the inhabitants of the underwater world of the San and the interesting species of animals or birds living in the forests. However, the San and Vistula Valley is not only about beautiful landscapes, but also provides eye-catching cultural sites. Visiting them will allow you to explore the history of the region. It is a land that has a lot to offer to all adventure-hungry cyclists. 

Dolina Sanu i Wisły

Feel the good current of the San and Vistula Valley!


The towns in the San and Vistula Valley

The region is not only home to stunning nature, but also to many towns and cities with interesting attractions, which are also examples of cultural heritage worth seeing. Learn about the history of unique houses, churches, cemeteries, and fortifications. Visit the old town in Jarosław or Przeworsk, feel the Jewish culture in Leżajsk, and marvel at the fortresses in Przemyśl. 

The San and Vistula Valley is also small villages where you may experience a distinctive local culture, a warm family atmosphere, and delicious regional cuisine. Cycling routes lead through such villages, allowing you to learn even more about the Podkarpackie region and its climate.

The castle in Łańcut is one of the most beautiful aristocratic residences in Poland.

Long red brick buildings with evenly spaced arched openings resembling windows, the whole thing is surrounded by small hills covered with grass and trees

Przemyśl Fortress - Fort XV Borek

A bright manor house with a red roof and a balcony among trees with numerous rose compositions

Dubiecko Castle - birthplace of the "devil" and the bishop.

On the trail of Podkarpackie castles

At the region's western border in Baranów Sandomierski stands a majestic castle. It was erected at the end of the 16th century on the site of a medieval, fortified knight's manor house and has passed from one owner to another over the years. Today it is a museum building open to the public. It also houses a restaurant and hotel.

Delightful buildings can also be found further east in the San and Vistula Valley. Not far away are castles in Krasiczyn, Przemyśl and Dubiecko. Their rich history can be admired by exploring both the interiors of the buildings and strolling through the extensive and peaceful parks, which often become the venue for many seasonal outdoor events. Delicious coffee and a hot meal await in the chateau restaurants, for all cyclists.

A child and a woman riding a bicycle on a road with a white and brown cow next to it

The San Valley is a paradise for those seeking peace and quiet.

Three cyclists riding a gravel road between fields with haystacks

Cycle routes running along the "San and Vistula Valley".

A time to unwind by the river

The San and Vistula Valley offer many cycling routes. There is something for everyone, from leisurely, recreational tours for families to more challenging, off-road routes with more elevation. And when you want to take a break, you will find suitable places to do so, by the river bank or in the forest.

Along the rivers, there are resting points that can prove to be a great place to have a picnic with friends, observe the unique fauna and flora or take a break from everyday problems.

Learn to ride a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live (Mark Twain)

The most interesting routes