San and Vistula Valley

Historical Cycle Trail

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Asphalt road running through the forest and gray sky

About this route

The starting and finishing point of the loop is the Bikers Service Area (MOR) in Jarocin. This is not without reason - the whole route follows well-known and well-liked cycle routes, including the East of Poland Cycling Trail Green Velo. However, you will ride most of the trip along a different route, which is the Historic Cycling Trail of the Jarocin Commune. Along the way, you will encounter attractions that will allow you to learn more about the history and story of the region, and rest in designated places. 

25 km
51 m
Surface type
Asphalt: 80%
Gravel: 6%
Others: 14%
Bicycle type
MTB , Gravel , Trekking
Route markings
Family friendly
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Practical advices

Although this route is not demanding, it is worth preparing for it properly, so that nothing surprises you at any point. Start with the most important thing, which is your helmet. A good helmet is essential for your safety. Take care also of proper lighting, both front and rear. In addition to bike lights, equip your bike with reflectors so that you are highly visible on the road.


What else is worth taking with you on a trip? Make sure to pack a sweatshirt or a rail jacket in your backpack, in case the weather changes. It is also a good idea to bring snacks to give you energy during the trip. Protein bars or energy mousses work well.


If you plan to take visit the attractions along the route, you will need to leave your bike behind in some places. To make sure it is still there after the tour, be sure to bring a bike safety device such as a U-Lock or any bicycle lock.

Dolina Sanu i Wisły

Feel the good current of the San and Vistula Valley!

Route details

Jarocin MOR - Graba - Łoza - Klinowa Góra - Golce - Jarocin - Jarocin MOR


  • 1
    Jarocin MOR
    0 km
    Jarocin MOR

    It is best to start the tour at the MOR (Biker Service Area). Here you will find a canopy and sheds, and a lake with a pier and swimming area adds to the charm of the place. Visitors can also rent water sports equipment. There is a car park at the MOR where you can leave your car. 

    After leaving MOR, head northeast following the signposting of the Historic Cycle Trail. of the Jarocin Commune. After about 2 km, turn right at the crossroads.

  • 2
    4.8 km

    In this village, it is worth stopping at least for a moment at the memorial monument. It commemorates the tragic events that took place on 28th December 1943. It was then that the Germans murdered 14 inhabitants of the village of Graba. This was in retaliation for giving quarters to the NOW-AK unit, led at the time by Franciszek Przysiężniak, known as "Ojciec Jan". In the near vicinity, you will find a bicycle shelter where you can rest. You will continue along two cycle trails - the Historic Cycle Trail and the ATR cycle trail. 

  • 3
    7 km

    Follow the asphalt road to the hamlet of Łoza. Then turn right and when you pass the chapel commemorating St John Paul II, turn right again. After about 600 m, go left and continue in this direction until the crossroads. Then head into the forest, following the signs of the black and green trails. 

  • 4
    Klinowa Góra
    11 km
    Klinowa Góra

    Klinowa Góra is a unique site through which the Historic Cycle Route runs. It features a natural sand hill, rarely found in the region. Nowadays, there are very few dunes left, as reforestation of the area continued until the end of the 19th century. On one of them, you can see an old brick chapel. Head towards the village of Golce, where you will encounter the signs of the East of Poland Trail Green Velo.

  • 5
    16.8 km

    Follow the East of Poland trail Green Velo. It will lead you to Jarocin. On the way, you will pass the village of Majdan Golczański.

  • 6
    22.8 km

    Although you are already in Jarocin, your trip is not over yet. In this town, the Centre for Ecological Education is worth a visit. Here you will find didactic rooms, a nature exhibition hall, a bird observation point, and also nature and education paths "Przyjazny Las" (Friendly Forest). Another point of interest is the nearby Memorial Chamber containing interesting exhibitions on the history of the region and its inhabitants. 

  • 7
    Jarocin MOR
    24.2 km
    Jarocin MOR

    Your cycling adventure ends at the starting point.

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