Rzeszów and its surroundings

From the castle in Rzeszów to the castle in Łańcut

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Asphalt road leading through the forest with tall conifers

About this route

A beautiful route, which is leading through varied terrain and will show you the historical and architectural richness of the close vicinity of Rzeszów. You will visit farming areas, small Galician towns and the centre of the capital of Podkarpackie; however, there will also be a lot of contact with nature and more difficult sections of the route leading through wilderness and forests. It is worth taking this pleasant journey, but remember, it is not easy!

73 km
612 m
Surface type
Asphalt: 63%
Gravel: 23%
Others: 14%
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Road , MTB , Gravel , Trekking
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The absolute basis for safety is, of course, a helmet. Also, prepare yourself technically. Make sure you have adequate lighting on your bike. Pack a repair kit. Spare inner tubes, a pump, a multitool, all of these things can come in handy in the event of a breakdown, which of course you don't want!

Rzeszów and its surroundings


Route details

Rzeszów – Załęże – Łańcut – Markowa – Husów – Chmielnik - Rzeszów


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    Take the Rzeszów railway station as your starting point. With your back to it, go left into Grottgera Street and then turn into Kilińskiego and Fredry Streets. At the roundabout, take the first exit to reach Piłsudskiego Avenue. Turn into it, heading east. Cross the Lwowski Bridge and go straight on Lwowska Street to the roundabout near the cemetery on the Pobitno housing estate. Head left, north. You can enter the cemetery and find the mausoleum of the Independence hero, Colonel Leopold Lis-Kula. You will then be faced with a descent from the hill, a viaduct over the railway tracks and a large roundabout. Keeping to the left of the road, cross Rzecha Street and enter the service road, separated from the expressway by noise barriers. Follow this forwards, passing the penitentiary, and 600 m afterwards go under the expressway and turn right, south. After a while, you will arrive at the Załęże housing estate. The next orientation point is Primary School No. 6.

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    Pass the school, remaining still on Rubinowa Street. Only turn right off it at the next block, onto Nefrytowa Street. Follow this along the edge of the woods. At the end of the road, gently turn left into Potockiego Street. Stay on it until a large junction where you turn sharply right. You will pass through meadows and over a railway crossing into the village of Krasne. Keep to the main road and turn left at the crossroads at its end, distinctive because it has a Marian chapel with an eagle in the tympanum. Keep following the East of Poland Cycling Trail Green Velo to reach Strażów, with the railway trunk road on your left. At the crossroads with the stone monument to the victory at Grunwald, keep right, still heading east. You will be sure you are on the right track when you pass the parish church. A kilometre past it, turn left and immediately after the railway tracks turn right. For the next 3 km, the road follows the main road to the village of Krzemienica. When you reach it, turn left and after 30 m turn right into Polna Street. Riding along it, you will cross the railway again. You arrive in Łańcut. Passing the industrial buildings, take Polna Street into Żeromskiego Street, and from there turn right into Grunwaldzka Street, which will take you near the Castle in Łańcut.

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    Łańcut is a beautiful small Galician town. Around the market square, you can admire residential and commercial buildings, mainly art nouveau, as well as the Baroque Church of St Stanislaus the Bishop, with its heavy structure and unusual facade of the Potocki family burial chapel with the family crest. Nearby, there is also the building of the former officers' casino with a museum of the town's history and a museum chamber dedicated to the formerly stationed here 10th Horse Rifle Regiment, which fought in the brigade and later in the armoured division of General Stanisław Maczek. Undoubtedly, however, the most outstanding monument is the Castle; one of the best-preserved magnate residences, dating from the early 17th century. A tour with an audio guide takes about two hours, but it is time spent in an extremely pleasant way. Next to the Castle, there is also a manege (a building for riding horses), a coach house, a park and an orchid garden. From Łańcut, take 3 Maja Street, heading southeast, and behind the bypass road turn left into Kopernika Street. This takes you to Graniczna Street, turn right and keep right at the crossroads 100 m further on. Follow Zagumnia Street through a suburban housing estate. At the crossroads, take Koło Szkoły Street. You will be on the right track when you pass a small fishing pond. Turn left after 120m. You will pass a church and a school, behind which hides a small wooden church from the 17th century. Turn right into Na Cmentarz Street 150 m after the church. You will reach the necropolis and pass it on a gravel road. Half a kilometre further, turn left onto an asphalt road stretching among fields and then turn right again, onto a dirt road after 400 m. You will pass power windmills, at which you will turn right at a red-and-white relay tower. Follow this road, passing more windmills and turn right 200 m after the last one. You will reach the regional road no. 881 and cross it, entering Dworska Street to reach Markowa.

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    38.5 km

    Markowa is a large village with a rich history. It is commemorated by two institutions, the open-air museum and the Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews in World War II. The open-air museum protects a complex of historical rural, residential and working buildings, as well as tools and objects of everyday use. The Ulma Family Museum, on the other hand, is a modern facility with a multimedia presentation that nurtures the memory of the Jews murdered by the Germans during World War II and the Poles who brought them help and rescue. From the museum, head towards the Neo-Gothic Church of St Dorothea, and turn left immediately afterwards. Take Droga do Kościoła Street to reach the second important road in the village, parallel to the one where the church stands. Turn right there and then head ahead among the village buildings. Turn left onto a narrow road heading south after 1.9 km. You will arrive in Husów, through fields, after 5 km.

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    45.5 km

    On entering the village, turn right. You will leave the village, riding up a hill where you will find a lookout point for the Tatra Mountains and surrounding villages. Keep right at the next fork in the road. When the road changes from asphalt to gravel after about 2 km, turn right at a junction and go through a forest. Immediately afterwards in a valley on your right, you will have Handzlówka. Without deviating from the road you are on, you will pass the Grom Handzlówka stadium and ski lift. After 1.5 km you will reach regional road no. 877; cross it and continue ahead. Driving along the forest, you will reach a viewpoint in Wola Rafałowska, and then another one, on Magdalenka Hill. This is a great place to observe the surroundings, rest and have fun. In front of the small church on the hill, turn right and continue ahead, passing the chapel of St Francis, a wayside cross and a tourist shelter. You will find yourself in the suburban village of Chmielnik.

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    63 km

    Look out for a Marian shrine on the fence of one of the properties on the right-hand side of the road and, 100 m further on, turn right onto a narrow unpaved road. As you approach the edge of the woods, keep right and drive along it. After a bend in the forest road, turn sharply right. Drive through the woods following the main route; you will leave a kilometre further on by the buildings. Head north along św. Marcina and Pilecka Streets. Turn left into Słocińska Street and after a few hundred metres turn right into Stanio Street. Before the bend in the road, turn left into the path along the Młynówka Stream. Cross the bridge and continue along Paderewskiego Street. Past the Church of St Martin, turn

    right into Witolda Street and then into Niemierski Street, heading for the centre. You will cross the city bypass road, Armii Krajowej Avenue and enter Niepodległości Avenue and then, near Rzeszów University, into Major Kopisto Avenue. Stop at the Zamkowy Bridge to admire the Lubomirski Castle and Podpromie Hall. Take Kilara Street off the bridge and then head towards the Castle gate. Unfortunately, this building is not open to the public, but we hope this will change soon. Then, along the beautiful Pod Kasztanami Avenue, head towards the Lubomirski Summer Palace. It is one of the nicest residences in the city. Further on, you will pass through the representative part of the city, Lubomirski Avenue and 3 Maja Street, the so-called Paniaga. You can admire Art Nouveau buildings and the Baroque Church of the Holy Cross. From 3 Maja Street, turn off near the Church of St Adalbert into Kościuszki Street and from there into Grunwaldzka Street. You can use the pedestrian bridge, the so-called roundabout. Turn into Grottgera Street and you will arrive back at the railway station.

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    Your route ends at the starting point.