Main Square of the capital of Podkarpackie

Market Square in Rzeszów

The main square of the capital of Podkarpackie is a beautiful place, steeped in the spirit of bygone times. The elongated rectangular square was laid out during the city's founding in the 14th century, and over the centuries, the architecture has evolved. The current architecture dates back to the period of Austro-Hungarian rule, as evidenced by the ornate Art Nouveau townhouses. The oldest element is the town hall, built in 1591, now displaying Neo-renaissance and Neo-Baroque styles. A notable attraction is the town well on the square's surface, a plateau near the town hall, created after the demolition of a former building that once stood there. Additionally, there is an Underground Tourist Route, which leads through cellars and corridors located up to 10 meters beneath the square, which once served the merchants of Rzeszów.

Other attractions in the area