A 15th-century wooden Gothic church

Church of St Nicholas in Brzeziny

Although a lot has changed in the construction of this church over the centuries, its original Gothic foundation from the 2nd half of the 15th century has remained unchanged and still impresses today. The soaring wooden structure, with its high walls and steep roof, follows the local tradition with its wide Soboty shelters, a place for pilgrims to spend the night. Like most of the old temples, it has a rood beam with a passion group, which is non-existent in today's temples. The interior is decorated with beautiful polychrome paintings from the 16th century on the walls and ceiling, a Baroque main altar and organ prospectus, a Rococo pulpit and side altars, a medieval stone baptismal font and a relief in which traces of Wit Stwosz's work can be seen. An interesting fact is the lack of windows on the north side, except for one within the presbytery.

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