The mainstay of the Carpathian forest

Mójka Nature Reserve

The area of the reserve covers 285 ha of forests and fields in the municipality of Błażowa. It was established in 1997 as part of the Chyżnieńsko-Gwoździcki Protected Landscape Area. Protection here includes the Carpathian fir and beech forest, characteristic of the higher parts of the low mountains, as well as subcomponents of this forest, the riverside mountain alder forest or subcontinental oak-hornbeam forest. Popular as well as rare species, including those threatened with extinction, grow here. Orchids and clubmosses are particularly interesting. The presence of small forest animals and numerous birds is obvious. A nature trail runs through the reserve. Another highlight is the Błędny kamień (Erratic Stone), a natural monument in the form of an erratic rock, shrouded in local legends.

Wooden shelter in the forest with a sloping roof with a fire pit and benches made of tree trunks
A cyclist wearing a helmet wearing black looking at an information board with a map in the forest

Other attractions in the area