View of Rzeszów and beyond

Magdalenka Hill in Malawa

Dynów Foothills begins southeast of Rzeszów, near Malawa. Magdalenka Hill, almost 400 m above sea level, allows observation over an incredible radius. From here you can see not only the skyline of Rzeszów, the Bieszczady hills or planes landing in Jasionka but also the Tatra Mountains, more than 150 km away. Observations are made easier by the viewing tower and binoculars placed there. In its surroundings, there are several attractions for both young and old, as well as a charming little baroque church from the 18th century.

A boy in a gray sweatshirt and a boy in a green sweatshirt walking through an obstacle course made of hanging wooden tiles connected by a red string
A boy in a gray sweatshirt and a woman in a maroon sweatshirt looking through large metal binoculars

Other attractions in the area