A beach for the residents of Rzeszów

The Żwirownia Reservoir

It was created in 2004, when it was decided to develop a gravel mine on the Drabinianka housing estate, on the southern outskirts of Rzeszów. The flooded area is about 3.5 hectares in size, and the western bank was adapted for recreational and leisure purposes. A large sandy beach was created there, with a pier, playground and volleyball court, as well as several places for partying. Although accessible all year round, it comes alive during the summer season, with food and drink outlets and a canoe rental service being set up then. A cycle route also runs nearby, with several resting points located along it.

A sandy shore and a surface of water in which the autumn-colored trees growing on the other shore are reflected
A surface of water in which the trees of autumn colors growing on the shore are reflected

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