A fortress in the middle of the city

Lubomirski Castle in Rzeszów

What remains of the original 17th-century construction are the defensive walls and the gate tower, while the castle itself was built at the beginning of the 20th century on the site of the Palazzo in Fortezza, destroyed by time. The original shape of the defensive structure in the Dutch type with 4 bastions was preserved. Meanwhile, the body of the castle referred to the 18th-century form given to it by Karol Wiedemann, preserved in prints. Almost from the beginning, it was a courthouse and prison; during the difficult times of wars, occupations and regimes, it was used to torture political prisoners and as a place of execution.

A castle with a red roof and large windows on several floors behind the wall and the moat
The tower of the castle with a clock and the emblem of Poland ended with a green turret among the trees

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