The loop in the Solska Forest

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About this route

It's time for a cycling tour of the Podkarpackie part of the Solska Forest. You will traverse it from Narol. Mostly forested landscapes combined with impressive fishponds await you. Along the route, you can also visit sacred buildings and the historic market square from your starting point, the town of Narol. You can leave your car here, for example, near the market, in the centre.

30 km
215 m
Surface type
Asphalt: 76%
Others: 24%
Bicycle type
MTB , Gravel , Trekking
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Practical advices

A route with a moderate level of difficulty will allow you to test your fitness. Remember that the terrain has a huge impact on how many kilometres you can cover. Trails on flat roads are less strenuous than those on hills or mountain roads.


Planning a group trip? Match the route to the fitness of the weakest participant.


A helmet and light clothing made of breathable materials will be essential for safety and comfort on the route. Other than that, only put on the essentials. Heavy luggage will make your ride more difficult. Also, think about what you will carry the necessary items in. We suggest a backpack or panniers for your bike.


Be prepared for possible breakdowns on the route. It is a good idea to carry the most important tools for a quick fix, such as inner tubes or patches, a pump or a multi-tool. Make sure you have enough water and food, as well as navigation equipment.


Is it looking like a warm and sunny day? Remember sunscreen and sunglasses. If you are planning sightseeing or other activities along the route, a bike lock will also be very useful. Before you leave, carefully examine your route for the trip. Consider whether your skills and equipment are adequate for the level of difficulty of the route.

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Route details

Narol - Łówcza - Płazów - Ruda Różaniecka - Narol


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    0 km

    Your cycling tour begins in Narol. However, before you set off, it is worth stopping at the market square in this village. Here you will find the column of St Florian and the historic town hall dating from 1928 to 1932. Another point of interest is the thanksgiving stone, which is located right next to the town hall. It was erected to commemorate Jan III Sobieski, thanks to whom many of the town's inhabitants were freed from Tartar slavery. On the other side of the road, you will see the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Its style is baroque-classical. Inside, there is a mausoleum of the Łosiów family, who were the owners of Narol. 

    From the village, take the regional road no. 865 and turn into Spacerowa Street. You will pass by a restored Orthodox church, which now serves as a Concert and Exhibition Centre. You will be faced with an approximately 4 km stretch of dirt road, followed by two ascents. Follow the yellow-blue cycle trail all the way. The asphalt road will take you to Łówcza. 

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    7.3 km

    The first stop where you will find an interesting attraction is Łówcza. Here you will find the former Greek Catholic Tserkva of St. Paraskeva. The temple dates back to the end of the 18th century and underwent a major renovation in 1905. It was used until World War II and now serves as a Roman Catholic church. Next to the church are stone crosses made of local Brusno limestone. 

    When you pass the Tserkva, turn right at the road junction and drive towards Płazów. To see the next attraction, at the crossroads with regional road no. 865, turn right and then left.

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    12.8 km

    It's time for another historic church. Stop by the Greek Catholic Tserkva of the Dormition of the Mother of God in Płazów. This is one of the younger churches in the area. It was built in 1936, on the site of an earlier wooden church from the 18th century. It has stood abandoned and unused since World War II. In the cemetery, which is located in the area, you will find old stone crosses. These are distinctive Brusno crosses, made of local stone, very common in this region.

    Now head towards Ruda Różaniecka following the signposts.

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    Ruda Różaniecka
    17 km
    Ruda Różaniecka

    The village is associated with metallurgy. In the 17th century, manufacturing plants were built here. Nowadays, however, Ruda Różaniecka is associated with a Palace and Park complex (currently housing a Social Welfare Home) and a complex of fish ponds. It is a good place to rest and recuperate before continuing your journey. You will find two places to eat here. These are the Dębowy Dwór and the Cztery Stawy. These restaurants are located near the ponds, so it's a good place to try local and fish dishes.

    Passing the Cztery Stawy, turn right onto the first asphalt road.

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    Puszcza Solska
    19 km
    Puszcza Solska

    You will now face a route of more than 10 km. You will be driving through the Solska Forest, which stretches across two regions (Podkarpackie and Lubelskie) up to the Ukrainian border. The flora that dominates here are pines, firs and hazel, juniper, dogwood and heather moorland. 

    Follow the forest road to the regional road no. 865, and at the junction with it turn left straight to Narol.

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    29.8 km

    Time to return to Narol. Your cycling tour ends at the starting point.