A horse-shoe-shaped layout

The Łoś family palace in Narol

One of the most beautiful, although unused and decaying, palaces in the Podkarpackie region. The manor layout consists of a palace and two pavilions, connected with the main building by a wall with arcades. This also reflects the coat of arms of the first owners, the Łoś family. The spacious lawn used to be a driveway with a gazebo, where guests’ carriages used to arrive. Architecturally, the palace is a Baroque building, one storey high, symmetrical, with a distinguished entrance, once framed by columns supporting a balcony on the first floor. The subtle decorations around the windows draw attention. The palace suffered damage during World War I and was completely devastated after the following war. It owes its current state to sporadic renovations.

Forest path among autumn trees leading to the entrance to the palace
A bright, abandoned palace with many windows on two floors with a red roof

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