Once a storied church

Former Greek Catholic tserkva of St Paraskeva in Nowe Brusno

The church in Nowe Brusno is a beautiful example of monumental wooden church architecture, similar to the one in Chotyniec in both appearance and design. As in that one, the aim was to increase the number of daily masses to 2 by installing a chapel on the first floor, which was a tserkva within a tserkva. This state of affairs lasted from the construction of the church in 1713 until its reconstruction in the mid-19th century. Attention is drawn to the large domes over parts of the temple, mounted on massive drums, with lanterns on top, as well as the extended shelters, called Soboty, used to accommodate the faithful from distant places. Significant changes occurred in the 20th century, first due to abandonment in 1947. The interior has been restored, however, without the furnishings, which are in museums in Łańcut and Przemyśl.

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