Beautifully situated tserkva

The tserkva in Łówcza with a unique gravestone with an epitaph

The historic building served in the past as a tserkva from 1808 to 1947, then as a chapel until 2001, and is now a heritage building. It bears all the features of a Greek Catholic temple; it has a tripartite structure, a large umbrella-shaped dome over the nave, set on a wide drum, and a presbytery. The layout of the interior has remained essentially unchanged. In terms of interior decor, it is worth paying attention to the iconostasis without the two lower rows of paintings, richly decorated and inlaid with gold. Other than that, icons and paintings from the 19th century are visible, as well as polychromes.

A wooden fence against the background of an old wooden church among tall grasses and trees
An old, dilapidated, wooden church among tall grasses and trees

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