Mid-forest ponds of Ruda Różaniecka

Ruda Różaniecka - mid-forest ponds

The ponds near Ruda Różaniecka are industrial, having been created for fish farming, and it is not the only complex of this kind in the area. However, they are part of the Solska Forest, one of the largest forest complexes in Poland. Some of the ponds have been adapted for recreational purposes. The completed investment includes the creation of a swimming area and another for anglers, as well as the creation of a beach and the necessary infrastructure. Nearby are forest complexes and the ruins of a grange that functioned here until 1944. Nature lovers will notice protected bird species here, and it is also possible to come across forest animals.

Tall brown grasses surrounding a floodplain
Tall brown grasses surround a water lagoon with a wooded shore

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