Panorama of the old village

The panoramic view of Łówcza Plateau

The village is mentioned in texts from as early as the 15th century, and over the centuries, this village, hidden in the valley of the Łówczanka River between low hills, was the scene of major events; in 1939 the remnants of the Kraków Army with its commander General Szylling surrendered here, and for the next two years the village was on the German-Soviet border. It also suffered displacement of the Ukrainian population in the 1940s. A magnificent panoramic view of the village is available from a viewpoint south of the village. Houses and buildings rise out of the greenery of trees and bushes, further to the north the fields ascend the gentle slopes. This place is certainly worth a visit!

Dirt road between meadows with a view of the forest thicket
A dirt road along a flower meadow with a view of the forest hills

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