San and Vistula Valley

Journey along the Tanew River Valley

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About this route

You have an almost 40-kilometre route ahead of you. But don't be discouraged by its length. It is a choice of an easy trip on asphalt roads and flat terrain. It leads from Ulanów along the Tanew River Valley to Harasiuki, Krzeszów and Bieliny.

You will find the most attractions in Ulanów, the capital of Polish rafting. You will have the opportunity to visit historic churches and explore the history of rafting and the region.

37 km
200 m
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Asphalt: 95%
Gravel: 5%
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Practical advices

When preparing for a route, be sure to check the weather forecast. This will allow you to take appropriate clothing and limit your luggage as much as possible. However, it is well known that the weather can be unpredictable, so be prepared if it gets worse. It is good practice to pack a thin rain jacket that does not take up much space.


Before starting the route, carefully analyse it on a map. Consider whether your skills and equipment are adequate for the level of difficulty of the route.


Download the accompanying .gpx file so that you always have your navigation at hand. To make sure your device doesn't fail you, also bring a power bank, charger or spare batteries. If the weather changes, you may find it useful to have a waterproof case for your electronic equipment.


Be sure to take drinks and food with you on long journeys; you never know when you will get hungry. Remember that a shop or restaurant may be located a long way away. We recommend that you stock up on water, isotonic drinks, energy bars and snacks. This will make sure you don't lose the motivation to continue riding.


The absolute basis for safety is, of course, a helmet. Also, prepare yourself technically. Make sure you have adequate lighting on your bike. Pack a repair kit. Spare inner tubes, a pump, a multitool, all of these things can come in handy in the event of a breakdown, which of course you don't want!

Dolina Sanu i Wisły

Feel the good current of the San and Vistula Valley!

Route details

Ulanów - Sieraków - Krzeszów - Bieliny - Ulanów


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    Start your route at the market square in Ulanów. In the town centre, you will find a place to park your car. Near the market square, stands the wooden Church of St John the Baptist and St Barbara. It is a temple built in the mid-17th century. The interior is decorated with paintings and polychrome motifs alluding to the town's rafting traditions and the patron saint of raftsmen, St. Barbara. Most of the furnishings come from the Baroque period. From the market square in Ulanów, head east along 3 Maja Street. You will follow the red RITA cycle trail. Past Ulanów, the trail turns left to Dąbrówka, but you will continue straight ahead. After about 9 km you will reach Dąbrowica. Go straight through the village, passing the fire station and parish church, until you reach the end of the little-used regional road no. 858. At the last buildings, turn left onto a sandy forest road. Follow it for about 2 km, orienting yourself eastwards. This is how you will reach Sieraków.

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    12 km

    In the village, you will again find an asphalt road section on the regional road no. 858. You can take a break on the bank of the Tanew River. Continue along the regional road no. 858 until you reach a junction in the forest, going left would take you to the village of Harasiuki, but turn right. After 1.5 km you will reach the village of Kusze, and after another 1500 m, you will reach Wólka. There, it is worth stopping by the small war cemetery, where those killed in both world wars are buried. Unfortunately, none of those buried here are known by name. In the village, the route joins the ATR green trail. After a 6.5 km ride along the fields and through the buildings of Hucisko, you will reach the small town of Krzeszów. It is worth mentioning that in Hucisko there is also a war cemetery from 1914 to 1915.

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    26 km

    Although the route instructs you to turn right as soon as you enter Krzeszów, at the crossroads by the petrol station, it is worth taking a moment to visit the village. Entering the centre will allow you to admire the market square of the Galician town, although it has been somewhat tarnished by modernist architecture from the communist period. The parish church on the hill is also an important attraction. It was built in the 18th century. There is also a historical chamber at the church. Return to the route, driving through Kamionka Kolonia and Kamionka Dolna along the San valley in the general direction northwest. You will be led to Bieliny by the red RITA trail, which takes you 5 km through forests and riverside fields.

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    The trail leads along Mokradło, Płoczyńska and Podleśna Streets to św. Wojciecha Street. This is a peculiar bypass of the village, but it is worth going down to its centre. There are interesting places and monuments here. The first is the Mniszech manor house, a gradually renovated nobleman's manor, the Carmelite nuns' chapel, built in an eclectic style, and the Sanctuary of St Adalbert; a Baroque temple with a beautiful decor. Continue along the RITA trail to Ulanów. From Bieliny, take św. Wojciecha Street, heading north. Through Wólka Bielińska you will reach the village of Bieliniec. Pass through it without turning.

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    36.9 km

    At the entrance to the town, on the left, you will find the Retman Ulanów stadium complex and a rafting marina with moored galleys. You can also visit the museum of the sculptor Andrzej Pityński. You finish the loop at the market square.

    After a 4-hour journey, you can stretch your legs at The Polish Rafting Museum in Ulanów. The place was established in 2015. It collects memorabilia related to rafting, rafting and the general history of Ulanów. The town, as it is located at the forks of the San and Tanew rivers, was an ideal place for the development of rafting, i.e. river rafting of goods. In addition, Ulanów was once a place where ships for water transport were built. Nowadays, rafting in such a galley is one of the local attractions.