San and Vistula Valley

To the Tserkva in Chotyniec

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About this route

An easy 2-hour route that will take you through the flatlands of the San Valley. You will be riding among fields, on roads with good surfaces. There is only one major ascent on the more than 20-kilometre trail. During the trip, you will encounter charming wooden tserkvas, including the one in Chotyniec, which is one of the most beautiful in Poland. It is a UNESCO-listed building. If you are interested in visiting its extraordinary interior, remember to check the opening hours in advance. Archaeological sites, the Monastyr Mound and the Scythian settlement are also interesting attractions along the route.

22 km
30 m
Surface type
Asphalt: 82%
Gravel: 18%
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Practical advices

Although this route is not demanding, it is worth preparing for it properly, so that nothing surprises you at any point. Start with the most important thing, which is your helmet. A good helmet is essential for your safety. Take care also of proper lighting, both front and rear. In addition to bike lights, equip your bike with reflectors so that you are highly visible on the road.


What else is worth taking with you on a trip? Make sure to pack a sweatshirt or a rail jacket in your backpack, in case the weather changes. It is also a good idea to bring snacks to give you energy during the trip. Protein bars or energy mousses work well.


If you plan to take visit the attractions along the route, you will need to leave your bike behind in some places. To make sure it is still there after the tour, be sure to bring a bike safety device such as a U-Lock or any bicycle lock.

Dolina Sanu i Wisły

Feel the good current of the San and Vistula Valley!

Route details

Stubno - Stubienko - Chałupki Nienowickie - Nienowice - Chotyniec - Hruszowice - Stubno


  • 1
    0 km

    For the start of the tour, we recommend Stubno. Here you will find the Biker Service Area for cyclists on the East of Poland Cycling Trail Green Velo. From here, follow the local road to Stubienko. This will lead you to the former 19th-century wooden Tserkva Nativity of the Mother of God.

  • 2
    2.4 km

    The Tserkva of the Nativity of the Mother of God dates from 1849. The church used to belong to the Greek Catholics. Today, it is the Roman Catholic Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross. Its interior is decorated with polychrome paintings. Next to it is a wooden two-storey bell tower.

    Past the church, turn right and ride towards the A4 motorway.

  • 3
    Chałupki Nienowickie
    6.3 km
    Chałupki Nienowickie

    Ride over the motorway via the overpass and turn right again onto the first road.

  • 4
    7.1 km

    At the roundabout in this village, take the first exit towards the second church on the route. This is the Tserkva of the Presentation of the Holy Mother of God. It is a small wooden building located on the outskirts of the village, which currently serves as a branch church of the Orthodox parish in Kalników.

    Cross over the A4 motorway again, first via a flyover and then through a short tunnel. The rest of the route leads among fields. On the way, you will pass a Scythian hillfort settlement on your right. This is where you reach Chotyniec. 

  • 5
    13.6 km

    The main attraction of the tour is located in Chotyniec. The Tserkva of the Nativity of the Holy Mother of God was inscribed on the UNESCO list in 2013. The building dates from the 17th century. It is one of the oldest and most valuable monuments of wooden sacral architecture in Poland. In its interior, a polychrome of unique artistic value has been preserved. The temple in Chotyniec is situated on a hill, surrounded by old trees. Next to it, there is a bell tower and a cemetery.

    In the village, there is also another MOR (Biker Service Area) point on the route. Here you can take a rest. There is less than 9 km to the end of the route.

  • 6
    17.5 km

    Past Chotyniec, cross the A4 motorway again. In Hruszowice, you will pass another tserkva, this time a brick one. A little further on, among the fields, rises the Monastyr Mound. There is no marked path to it, but a roadside sign provides brief information. From here, it is a straightforward route to the starting point.

  • 7
    22.1 km

    The route forms a loop, so you end your journey at the place you started from. 

    In Stubno, you can see a picturesque manor house. It used to belong to the Myszkowski family. There is also the Weresiówka stud farm here. You can find more information about this place at: 

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