Through the eastern part of Słonne Mountains Landscape Park

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About this route

Ahead of you is a tour through the eastern part of the Słonne Mountains Landscape Park. A cycling route that will delight those seeking peace, tranquillity, and being surrounded by nature. The majority of the route is through valleys and forests. Several sacred architectural monuments can be visited during the trip. However, The Museum of Bieszczady National Park and the Museum of Milling Industry and Countryside are also worthwhile stops along the way. This tour combines driving along urbanized routes with driving through wild but once-inhabited valleys.

32 km
358 m
Surface type
Asphalt: 59%
Gravel: 29%
Others: 12%
Bicycle type
Road , MTB , Gravel , Trekking
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Practical advices

Although this route is not demanding, it is worth preparing for it properly, so that nothing surprises you at any point. Start with the most important thing, which is your helmet. A good helmet is essential for your safety. Take care also of proper lighting, both front and rear. In addition to bike lights, equip your bike with reflectors so that you are highly visible on the road.


What else is worth taking with you on a trip? Make sure to pack a sweatshirt or a rail jacket in your backpack, in case the weather changes. It is also a good idea to bring snacks to give you energy during the trip. Protein bars or energy mousses work well.


If you plan to take visit the attractions along the route, you will need to leave your bike behind in some places. To make sure it is still there after the tour, be sure to bring a bike safety device such as a U-Lock or any bicycle lock.


To feel the spirit of the Bieszczady, you simply have to go there!

Route details

Ustrzyki Dolne - Jasień - Jałowe Dolne - Bandrów Narodowy - Stebnik (Steinfels) - Krościenko - Brzegi Dolne - Ustrzyki Dolne


  • 1
    Ustrzyki Dolne
    0 km
    Ustrzyki Dolne

    Your route begins here, the market square in Ustrzyki Dolne.

    Follow the main road in an eastern direction and after a while turn right into Kolejowa Street, which will take you to regional road no. 896. You'll pass a historic mill along the way.

    There are numerous attractions in Ustrzyki. Among others, you can visit:

    1. The Museum of Bieszczady National Park

    The museum is located in Ustrzyki's market square, so you can decide whether you want to see it at the beginning or end of your trip. It contains an exhibition of the fauna and flora, history and geology of the Bieszczady Mountains. The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00, and from 8:00 to 16:00 during the autumn/winter season.

    2. Geek Catholic Church in Ustrzyki Dolne

    Tserkva of the Dormition of the Mother of God dates from 1874. It is a brick bipartite church with an iconostasis. It also has a bell tower from 1847.

    3. The Museum of Milling Industry and Countryside

    The museum is situated in an old mill. There you can learn about the technique of flour production using wooden equipment. It is the only museum of its kind in the Bieszczady Mountains. Also, there is a restaurant where you can taste flour dishes. The venue is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00. A regular ticket is 9.80 PLN, and a reduced ticket is 7.50 PLN.

    Turn right at the mill and continue on the provincial road for another 3 km. On your left, you will see a brick church - the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Bieszczady in Jasień.

  • 2
    2.4 km

    The Roman Catholic brick parish church in Jasień with its baroque interior and church bell tower next to it dates from the second half of the 18th century. The church has been the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Bieszczady Mountains since 1968, and it houses a valuable icon of Mary and Child.

    When you reach a side road, take a left turn toward the National Bandrów. From here, you can follow the blue cycle trail, which will guide you to Krościenko.

  • 3
    Jałowe Dolne
    6.4 km
    Jałowe Dolne

    In this village, you can visit the former wooden tripartite Greek Catholic tserkva of St. Nicholas from 1903 and the ruins of a burial chapel. Inside the church, fragments of a 1902 iconostasis have been preserved on the walls of the nave and chancel, as well as the bell tower next to it. Today, the building serves as a Filial Church of the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary.

  • 4
    Bandrów Narodowy
    9.6 km
    Bandrów Narodowy

    Turn left at the crossroads in Bandrów Narodowy and follow the valleys of the Królówka and Stebnik streams to Krościenko. Pass through the now-depopulated village of Stebnik (Steinfels) on the way.

  • 5
    16.7 km

  • 6
    23.6 km

    Look for the wooden, former Greek-Catholic Parish Tserkva of Nativity of the Mother of God in Krościenko, just before the bridge over the Strwiąż River, hidden in a clump of trees on the left. It was constructed in 1794 and was taken over by the Catholic Church in 1971. To visit it, you need to go left.

    When you reach the national road, turn left and follow it for 8 km, passing Brzegi Dolne, until you reach Ustrzyki Dolne.

  • 7
    Brzegi Dolne
    29 km
    Brzegi Dolne
  • 8
    Ustrzyki Dolne
    31.8 km
    Ustrzyki Dolne

    Your cycle route ends at the starting point.