San and Vistula Valley

On bicycle through the Sandomierz Forest

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4h 30m
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Two-lane asphalt road running through the forest

About this route

It’s time for a cycling trip through the Sandomierz Forest, an attraction in itself. This is a forest complex located in the Sandomierska Basin near Stalowa Wola. It is dominated by Scots pine and English oak, as well as meadows, fields and fish ponds. It is a charming route that leads mainly through forests, but fans of urban landscapes will also find something for themselves. The route’s appeal is delightful nature, peace and quiet. These will accompany you for much of the trip.

36 km
742 m
4h 30m
Surface type
Asphalt: 49%
Gravel: 30%
Others: 21%
Bicycle type
MTB , Gravel , Trekking
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Practical advices

A route with a moderate level of difficulty will allow you to test your fitness. Remember that the terrain has a huge impact on how many kilometres you can cover. Trails on flat roads are less strenuous than those on hills or mountain roads.


Planning a group trip? Match the route to the fitness of the weakest participant.


A helmet and light clothing made of breathable materials will be essential for safety and comfort on the route. Other than that, only put on the essentials. Heavy luggage will make your ride more difficult. Also, think about what you will carry the necessary items in. We suggest a backpack or panniers for your bike.


Be prepared for possible breakdowns on the route. It is a good idea to carry the most important tools for a quick fix, such as inner tubes or patches, a pump or a multi-tool. Make sure you have enough water and food, as well as navigation equipment.


Is it looking like a warm and sunny day? Remember sunscreen and sunglasses. If you are planning sightseeing or other activities along the route, a bike lock will also be very useful. Before you leave, carefully examine your route for the trip. Consider whether your skills and equipment are adequate for the level of difficulty of the route.

Dolina Sanu i Wisły

Feel the good current of the San and Vistula Valley!

Route details

Recreation and tourist facility “Grzybek” - Stalowa Wola - Maziarnia - Ruda - Burdze - Recreation and tourist facility „Grzybek”


  • 1
    Recreation and tourist facility "Grzybek”
    0 km

    The site is located in the Sandomierz Forest, next to the Educational and nature trails "Ciemny Kąt" of the Rozwadów Forestry Office. You can leave your car in the car park next to the site. From here, you set off on your route. Head north along the local road between Ruda and Stalowa Wola.

  • 2
    Stalowa Wola
    4.7 km
    Stalowa Wola

    When you reach the cemetery, turn right. Follow the cycle track parallel to Ofiar Katynia Street. From here you can turn to the city centre - it is worth stopping here for a while.

    Follow Popiełuszki, Okulickiego and Floriańska streets to reach the wooden Church of St Florian in Stalowa Wola. It was built in 1802 in Stany and moved to its present location in 1943. It is a timber-framed building with characteristic satellites, topped by a spherical cupola with a lantern. The temple is on the Wooden Architecture Trail.

    Continue along Ofiar Katynia Street and turn right into Solidarności Street. After passing the railway crossing, the cycle path ends. Continue straight ahead along Wczasowa, Wańkowicza and Wrzosowa streets. After the bus terminus, turn right into Sosnowa Street. First, take the asphalt road and then the forest and gravel road, for about 3 km, until you reach the junction with the regional road no. 872. Cross it and head straight ahead on the asphalt fire road no. 4, leading to Maziarnia.

  • 3
    20.2 km

    At the end of the village, at around kilometre 20 of the route, turn right. You will now be on a narrow asphalt road that turns into a gravel road. Keep to the main paved route, which will lead you to the regional road no. 872. Turn left here and after about 1200 m turn right towards the village of Ruda.

  • 4
    27.4 km

    Turn left in front of the cemetery, from the World War I era, and continue along Cardinal A. Sapiecha Street until you reach the parish church in Ruda. Here the route joins the blue trail. Follow the blue trail signs to the village of Brudze.

  • 5
    29.9 km

    In this village, in front of the church, you will come across a natural monument - a magnificent oak tree.

    You pass the village of Brudze and turn towards Stalowa Wola.

  • 6
    Recreation and tourist facility “Grzybek”
    35.9 km

    On the route to Stalowa Wola, you will pass a military training compound on your left. After about two kilometres, turn right into a forest road. This will take you back to your starting point, the car park next to the educational and nature trail.