San and Vistula Valley

A loop around Leżajsk its surroundings

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3h 30m
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A straight asphalt road between tall trees in brown-red-red colors

About this route

In front of you is a loop that begins and ends in Leżajsk. It is well marked and a large part of the route is on the East of Poland Cycling Trail Green Velo. The surface is mixed, you will ride partly on asphalt roads, but you will also encounter paved dirt roads and a forest section.

If you are from the Leżajsk area, this is a good route for a journey that does not require much preparation.

31 km
1111 m
3h 30m
Surface type
Asphalt: 65%
Gravel: 19%
Others: 16%
Bicycle type
MTB , Gravel , Trekking
Route markings
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Practical advices

A route with a moderate level of difficulty will allow you to test your fitness. Remember that the terrain has a huge impact on how many kilometres you can cover. Trails on flat roads are less strenuous than those on hills or mountain roads.


Planning a group trip? Match the route to the fitness of the weakest participant.


A helmet and light clothing made of breathable materials will be essential for safety and comfort on the route. Other than that, only put on the essentials. Heavy luggage will make your ride more difficult. Also, think about what you will carry the necessary items in. We suggest a backpack or panniers for your bike.


Be prepared for possible breakdowns on the route. It is a good idea to carry the most important tools for a quick fix, such as inner tubes or patches, a pump or a multi-tool. Make sure you have enough water and food, as well as navigation equipment.


Is it looking like a warm and sunny day? Remember sunscreen and sunglasses. If you are planning sightseeing or other activities along the route, a bike lock will also be very useful. Before you leave, carefully examine your route for the trip. Consider whether your skills and equipment are adequate for the level of difficulty of the route.

Dolina Sanu i Wisły

Feel the good current of the San and Vistula Valley!

Route details

Leżajsk - Regional road no. 875 - Jelna - Judaszówka - Nowa Sarzyna - Łukowa - Przychojec - Leżajsk


  • 1
    0 km

    Follow the signs of the East of Poland Cycling Trail Green Velo, following the signpost “Łańcut 45, Dynów 70”. For about 2.5 km, ride south and southwest along urban streets with little car traffic. Before the allotment gardens, turn left onto a paved dirt road. Follow the Green Velo signs all the way. After about 2 km, enter a forest. After 400 metres, you will meet the PTTK blue hiking trail. Together with it, turn sharply to the right. Here, the route joins the blue ATR cycle trail. After 2 km, you will reach the Floryda Lagoon. Turn left here and go around the reservoir. Take the wide gravel road to regional road no. 875, cross it and go north along the forest road (following the ATR trail). At the eighth kilometre of the route, you will reach a local asphalt road. Turn left here and drive to the village of Jelna. 

  • 2
    12 km

    After a little over 3 km, turn right onto a gravel road which will lead you to the village of Judaszówka. The route leads through fields and groves. Along the way, you will pass several roadside crosses.

  • 3
    15.3 km

    After a little over 3 km, turn right onto a gravel road which will lead you to the village of Judaszówka. The route leads through fields and groves. Along the way, you will pass several roadside crosses.

  • 4
    Nowa Sarzyna
    19.6 km
    Nowa Sarzyna

    On the way to Nowa Sarzyna, you will rejoin the asphalt road, but traffic should be moderate. You will enter Nowa Sarzyna on Azalia Pontyjska Street, and turn gently left into 1 Maj Street. At the first roundabout, turn right into Jana Pawła II Street. Cross the track. You will reach the national road no. 77. Head straight ahead, in the direction of Ruda Łańcucka. After about 700 m, the route joins the East of Poland Cycling Trail Green Velo, which you will now follow in the direction of Łukowa.

  • 5
    21.5 km

    Turn right after the church and ride less than 2 km to the hamlet of Baranówka. You are heading towards Przychojec and then towards Leżajsk. 

  • 6
    25.4 km

    Originally Przychojec was a hamlet of the Stare Miasto. It did not become an independent village until the 19th century. Today, it has a population of around 1,000.

  • 7
    30.6 km

    The route ends at the starting point. You will pass a railway line and a petrol station before returning to the MOR (Biker Service Area) point in Leżajsk.