Rzeszów and its surroundings

Through low hills and plains near Rzeszów

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About this route

An easy route that can occasionally surprise with fairly steep climbs. It leads through picturesque plains and amidst low hills to the east and northeast of Rzeszów. Along the way, you will come across numerous folk culture monuments, mainly shrines, but also nationally and internationally significant landmarks such as the Castle Museum in Łańcut. The 50 km distance may be challenging for beginners and children.

50 km
218 m
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Asphalt: 100%
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Road , Gravel , Trekking
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Practical advices

Although this route is not demanding, it is worth preparing for it properly, so that nothing surprises you at any point. Start with the most important thing, which is your helmet. A good helmet is essential for your safety. Take care also of proper lighting, both front and rear. In addition to bike lights, equip your bike with reflectors so that you are highly visible on the road.


What else is worth taking with you on a trip? Make sure to pack a sweatshirt or a rail jacket in your backpack, in case the weather changes. It is also a good idea to bring snacks to give you energy during the trip. Protein bars or energy mousses work well.


If you plan to take visit the attractions along the route, you will need to leave your bike behind in some places. To make sure it is still there after the tour, be sure to bring a bike safety device such as a U-Lock or any bicycle lock.

Rzeszów and its surroundings


Route details

Rzeszów – Łańcut – Krzemienica – Trzebownisko – Rzeszów


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    As a starting point, it is best to choose one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city – the Stal Rzeszów Stadium. Start from there, heading east to cross the Carpathian Bridge. This is an interesting and significant bridge, note that it includes a hydroelectric power plant as an integral part. Keep going straight ahead along Powstańców Warszawy Avenue, passing the Drabinianka housing estate on the right and the Nowe Miasto neighborhood on the left. Continue straight through the intersection with General Sikorski Avenue, entering Armii Krajowej Avenue. Although this is just under 2 km of the route, you can take a break in the Papal Park, creatively designed in a geometric style reminiscent of French gardens. Then, continue straight ahead and turn right onto Paderewskiego Street. This winding road will take you to the church of St. Roch and St. Martin. Turn onto Powstańców Wielkopolskich Street, which will lead you to a large intersection. Turn left onto Słocińska Street. For the next approximately 4 km, stay on this road until you reach Malawa. You will be passing through fields and suburban buildings. Keep an eye out for shrines, as there are many of them here. In the village, turn left near the school, following the sign for Kraczkowa. You will cover the next 10 kilometres by going straight and passing through the long and large village of Kraczkowa. In this last village, take note of the Neo-Romanesque church of St. Nicholas. From Kraczkowa, go down to Albigowa through Wysoka. As you approach the village, look for the restored mill building, which houses a well-known restaurant in the area. At the intersection next to it, turn left, heading north. You will encounter a fairly long but not very steep climb towards Łańcut.

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    You will enter the city, passing by the cemetery. It is worth stopping at the military cemetery, where deceased and fallen soldiers of various nationalities rest, including the soldiers of the 10th Cavalry Brigade who defended the city in September 1939, and the Ukrainians interned here in 1918. Cross National Road 94, entering Mickiewicza Street, and then 3 Maja Street, which will take you to Łańcut Castle. It is the largest landmark in the city and the main tourist attraction. In addition to the preserved castle with a complete palace interior, the defensive complex, an orchid house, a park, stables, carriage houses, and a riding arena (a building for horseback riding training) have also been preserved. Besides the castle, it is worth visiting the Memorial Room of the 10th Regiment of Mounted Riflemen in the former officers' casino and taking a stroll in the market square typical of a small Galician town, which has partially retained its Art Nouveau architecture. Leave the market square on Słowackiego Street, heading west, and then turn right onto Cetnarskiego Street. After passing the pond, turn left onto Kraszewskiego Street and follow it until you leave the town. Right after Łańcut, you will reach the village of Krzemienica. Reaching its centre, turn right, and passing the children's playground, head north. Cross the railroad tracks carefully, and then pass under the A4 motorway viaduct. Turn right near the shrine framed by four trees. After 2 km of road through fields and meadows, you will arrive in Łukawiec. Continue through the winding road of the village. When you reach a major intersection with a sign pointing towards Rzeszów next to a store, turn left, heading south. You will make sure you are on the right track when you pass over the highway lanes. This will lead you to the village of Łąka. Stay on the main road, which passes by the Social Care Home for Children and the school complex. The Social Care Home is located in the Lubomirski Palace, which is worth at least a distant look. At the large intersection in the centre, follow the sign towards Rzeszów and continue in that direction. After 3 km, you will reach the dual-carriageway road S19 and the gates of Trzebownisko. 

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    When you reach the Volunteer Fire Brigade station in Trzebownisko, turn left without crossing the bridge over the Wisłok River. A few hundred metres past the village, you will notice the industrial buildings of the Rzeszów combined heat and power plant. Then, turn left onto Rzecha Street. From here, you can admire the Tadeusz Mazowiecki Bridge - one of the most beautiful in Rzeszów. When you reach the roundabout, turn right onto the viaduct over the railway tracks, and then prepare for a steep ascent along I Armii Wojska Polskiego Avenue towards the Pobitno Cemetery. If you enjoy visiting cemeteries, it is worth stopping here and paying your respects at the graves of many distinguished residents of Rzeszów, including the mausoleum of Colonel Leopold Lisa-Kuli and the graves of his comrades, located on both sides of him. You can also find a collective soldier's grave from the years 1914-1918 (in the northwest part). From the cemetery, head towards Lwowska Street, descending from the hill towards the city centre, passing by the barracks of the Podhale Riflemen and Territorial Defense Forces. Cross the Lwów Bridge using a separate bridge for cyclists and turn south to ride along the picturesque boulevards against the flow of the Wisłok River. After a few minutes of peaceful cycling, you will arrive at the Stal Rzeszów Stadium.

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    Your trip ends near the starting point.