A cosy coffee shop nestled within a historic townhouse

Kawa Rzeszowska (Rzeszów)

Right off Kościuszki Street in Rzeszów, nestled within a historic townhouse, is a cosy coffee shop that has won the hearts of many residents. "Kawa Rzeszowska” - a place with an emblem of the town hall turned into a coffee grinder - is also an excellent choice for tourists seeking a quiet place to relax while exploring the nooks of the Podkarpackie capital. On the cafe's menu, of course, are delicious coffees made from top-quality beans, but you will also find fresh juices and fruity smoothies, especially refreshing during the summer months. Customers can also choose something tasty to eat, and while there are no lunch dishes, taste buds will be satisfied with delicious bagels, toasts, bowls, as well as fresh cakes and pastries. It is a fantastic option for breakfast or a snack during the day.

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