Iconic ice cream parlour located on 3 Maja Street

Lody u Myszki (Rzeszów)

There is no more iconic ice cream parlour in Rzeszów than the one located on 3 Maja Street, near the "Zorza" cinema – "Lody u Myszki" has been operational every summer since 1987! It is a place beloved by customers of all ages, only the portion sizes vary. At a small window with a tiny garden area with tables, creamy Italian ice cream is served with a unique, thick chocolate topping – best enjoyed in a large sugar cone. Yet, the largest portion is no challenge for Rzeszów residents, many of whom grew up visiting this place every summer, without which it is hard to imagine the city centre. Since the queues to this famous ice cream parlour can be quite long, it might also be worth visiting the second location on Sokoła Street.

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