Rzeszów and its surroundings

From Pilzno to St Gregory Mountain

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Forest asphalt road turning right among tall coniferous trees

About this route

On this route, you do not have to worry about getting lost. You will follow the signs of the black cycle trail almost the whole way. You will start your journey from the centre of Pilzno, which will make it much easier for you to find a convenient parking place, and additionally allow you to get to know the square and what it has to offer. The tour abounds in beautiful landscapes. Especially those visible from the tops of the two largest ascents. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn about the history of several historic churches that you will encounter on your way.

34 km
562 m
Surface type
Asphalt: 84%
Gravel: 8%
Others: 8%
Bicycle type
MTB , Gravel , Trekking
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Practical advices

A route with a moderate level of difficulty will allow you to test your fitness. Remember that the terrain has a huge impact on how many kilometres you can cover. Trails on flat roads are less strenuous than those on hills or mountain roads.


Planning a group trip? Match the route to the fitness of the weakest participant.


A helmet and light clothing made of breathable materials will be essential for safety and comfort on the route. Other than that, only put on the essentials. Heavy luggage will make your ride more difficult. Also, think about what you will carry the necessary items in. We suggest a backpack or panniers for your bike.


Be prepared for possible breakdowns on the route. It is a good idea to carry the most important tools for a quick fix, such as inner tubes or patches, a pump or a multi-tool. Make sure you have enough water and food, as well as navigation equipment.


Is it looking like a warm and sunny day? Remember sunscreen and sunglasses. If you are planning sightseeing or other activities along the route, a bike lock will also be very useful. Before you leave, carefully examine your route for the trip. Consider whether your skills and equipment are adequate for the level of difficulty of the route.

Rzeszów and its surroundings


Route details

Pilzno - Dobrków - Gołęczyna - Połomia - Gębiczyna - St. Gregory Mountain - Jaworze Górne - Jaworze Dolne - Mokrzec - Pilzno


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    The journey begins on the market square in Pilzno. In the Middle Ages, this square was one of the largest in Europe. Although a lot has changed since then, it is still a place that deserves special attention. Especially the town hall, which dates back to the 16th century and is characterised not only by its Renaissance decorations but also by its overall design. After seeing the town hall, you can move on to the Baroque bishopric building designed by Jakub Auguston.

    Dating from the 14th century, the Church of St John the Baptist is one of the most visited buildings in the village. The original Gothic features can be seen in its construction. While inside the church, look out for Art Nouveau polychromes dating from the 20th century. Other interesting elements are the late Gothic sculpture of Our Lady and Child and the Baroque side altars.

    Continue the route through Lwowska Street. Then cross the Wisłoka River by the footpath along national road no. 73. Turn right after the bridge and drive towards Dobrków.

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    4.7 km

    A site worth visiting during your trip is the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Dobrków. The construction of the church dates back to the 16th century. Initially, the structure was based on wood, but after some time the building was converted into a brick church of the Polish Brethren. However, this did not last long and

    the church became Roman Catholic again. It underwent many changes and reconstructions, such as the addition of side chapels and the addition of a tower. Look out for the painting of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Walery Eljasz-Radzikowski.

    Turn right 300 m after the temple. You will follow a narrow asphalt road. Follow signs for the Way of St James Via Regia all the way.

    300 m za świątynią skręć w prawo. Pojedziesz wąską, asfaltową drogą. Cały czas kieruj się drogą św. Jakuba Via Regia.

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    10.8 km

    Turn left towards the village of Połomia.

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    13.5 km

    When you reach the hamlet of Południk, turn right to Gębiczyna.


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    18.7 km

    When you reach the crossroads, turn right where you will see the school. Then turn left towards St Gregory's Mountain. A very scenic stretch of the road awaits you.

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    St. Gregory's Mountain
    22.5 km
    St. Gregory's Mountain

    One of the most interesting places in terms of scenery you will encounter along this route. The view from the hill on which the Church of St Gregory is located will long remain in your memory. In the brick chancel of the church, you can see traces of a former chapel. The interior of the building contains distinct Baroque elements. Its greatest treasure is a 17th-century painting depicting St Gregory.

    To continue the tour, turn right in front of the church. You will follow a somewhat dilapidated asphalt road with concrete slabs. When you reach a road junction, go right.

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    Jaworze Górne
    25 km
    Jaworze Górne

    Go straight towards the village of Jaworze Dolne.

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    Jaworze Dolne
    26.4 km
    Jaworze Dolne

    Head towards the village of Mokrzec. You will see the Pilzno Reservoir on your left.

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    28.7 km

    Turn left at the crossroads and follow the familiar road to Pilzno.

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    33.5 km

    Your cycle trip ends at the starting point.