The Low Beskid

Through the hills and valley of Dukla Land

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By bike through the meadows

About this route

While navigating this route will be straightforward, the numerous hills and climbs, as well as the need to ride along busy international roads, make it challenging. Exercise caution on descents, which may end with a stop sign. The cognitive merits of this excursion are mainly scenic, though there will also be architectural, historical, and… even industrial impressi

30 km
282 m
Surface type
Asphalt: 100%
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Road , MTB , Gravel , Trekking
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Practical advices

When preparing for a route, be sure to check the weather forecast. This will allow you to take appropriate clothing and limit your luggage as much as possible. However, it is well known that the weather can be unpredictable, so be prepared if it gets worse. It is good practice to pack a thin rain jacket that does not take up much space.


Before starting the route, carefully analyse it on a map. Consider whether your skills and equipment are adequate for the level of difficulty of the route.


Download the accompanying .gpx file so that you always have your navigation at hand. To make sure your device doesn't fail you, also bring a power bank, charger or spare batteries. If the weather changes, you may find it useful to have a waterproof case for your electronic equipment.


Be sure to take drinks and food with you on long journeys; you never know when you will get hungry. Remember that a shop or restaurant may be located a long way away. We recommend that you stock up on water, isotonic drinks, energy bars and snacks. This will make sure you don't lose the motivation to continue riding.


The absolute basis for safety is, of course, a helmet. Also, prepare yourself technically. Make sure you have adequate lighting on your bike. Pack a repair kit. Spare inner tubes, a pump, a multitool, all of these things can come in handy in the event of a breakdown, which of course you don't want!

Beskid Niski

The wildest mountains in Poland, enchanting in their beauty.

Route details

Dukla – Lubatowa – Dukla


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    The best place to start will be the market square in Dukla. The current buildings are the result of reconstruction efforts on the 19th-century structures that took place after World War II. The Renaissance Town Hall from the 17th century with its Neo-Gothic facade is eye-catching. In Dukla, you can visit the Historical Museum in the palace, which also includes an exhibition of heavy weaponry, including cannons and armored vehicles. Leave the square via the street located behind the right side of the Town Hall and turn left onto Cergowska Street. Follow this road to the Marian shrine on a stone pedestal, where you will turn left. After a few minutes, you will reach the village of Jasionka. Traveling on the main road, you will cross a small bridge. As you climb the slope, enjoying a beautiful panorama of the valley below and the surrounding hills, you will reach a viewpoint in Lubatowa. At the 7-kilometre mark of the route, you will arrive in the village of Lubatowa. Be cautious about your speed when descending from the hill to avoid entering a right-of-way road, where you need to turn left.

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    In Lubatowa, you will pass by the Volunteer Fire Brigade station, a school, and a community centre, and then you will encounter a grand Neo-Gothic church. Next to the church, there is a monument commemorating those who were killed during World War II. As you head north, you will be passing through a more or less scattered rural settlement until you enter a shallow pass between two forest-covered hills. This pass separates you from Lubatówka. Drive straight through the village, looking out for chapels and crosses. Beyond the forest, you will reach another village – Rogi. Follow Długa Street to an intersection – stay on the left side. Then, you will cross national road no. 19. In the nearby village of Wrocanka, you can stop at the spring of St. Rozalia. If you intend to bypass this place, turn sharply left at the intersection with signs that lead there. You will pass a chapel on the right and a cemetery on the left, followed by a monument to those who fell in World War I and an obelisk erected on the hundredth anniversary of independence. At a distance of 1.5 km from the church, you will come to a junction – stay on the right side. After crossing the bridge over the Jasiołka River, take a sharp left turn after 700 metres. You will know you are on the right path when you pass by an oil well. Then, drive through Wietrzno. You can deviate from the road to see the wooden church of St. Michael the Archangel or take a moment to stop by the river, which flows just a few metres from the road. Continuing against the flow of the Jasiołka River, after 3 km, you will reach the first buildings of Dukla. Be cautious when merging onto national road no. 19. Turn right onto it to maintain your direction southward. You will pass the palace park and notice the familiar buildings around the market square.

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    Your trip ends near the starting point.