Cradle of the world oil industry

Museum of Oil and Gas Industry in Bóbrka Ignacy Łukasiewicz

The world's first oil mine is located not in Texas or Saudi Arabia, but in a quiet corner of the Podkarpackie region, in Bóbrka... In 1854, three Polish inventors and industrialists - Ignacy Łukasiewicz, Tytus Trzecieski and Karol Klobassa-Zrencki - founded a company and opened a mine which extracted the raw material from a depth of about 150 m, which is still in operation today. The open-air museum was established in 1961 and includes the museum building, the 19th-century oil wells, the mechanical workshop, the administration building and the mine forge, where you can see oil extraction equipment and laboratory accessories. It is a multimedia facility with a modern approach to presenting history.

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