Protection of the Carpathian landscape

Magura National Park

One of the youngest Polish national parks, established in 1995, it protects ecologically and landscapes valuable areas of the Beskid Niski, the Wisłoka River basin and the Magura Wątkowska range. It includes strict protection of almost 2,500 hectares in the transition zone between the Eastern and Western Carpathians. The landscape of low mountains, the highest of which, the Wątkowa, is 846 m above sea level, provides shelter for numerous species of plants and animals, including bears, moose, wolves, lynxes, wildcats, buzzards, sparrowhawks, eagles and storks, or reptiles and amphibians. The clear waters of the upper basin of the Wisłoka River are also home to rare fish species. There are many ethnographic monuments in the Park, and 12 trails and 8 paths of varying difficulty have been marked out for tourists.

Forest waterfall against the background of autumn trees
A wooden information board with a roof next to a forest road

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