Museum of the town and numerous battles

Historical Museum – The Palace and Park complex of the Mniszech family in Dukla

The palace, which houses the Historical Museum, was built as a Renaissance castle in the mid-16th century. Subsequently, it was rebuilt - in the 17th century as a bastion castle, in the 18th century as a palace with a magnificent park setting, and at the end of the 19th century, the style was changed to neo-Gothic. After reconstruction from the damage caused by World War II, a museum was established there in 1964, which collects memorabilia from the history of the town and the region, and takes care of the restored interiors of the palace. Due to the importance of the town in the operations of both World Wars, the military section is particularly extensive, including an open-air exhibition of heavy weapons, including artillery and armoured vehicles. Of particular interest are the German 105 mm howitzer and the Soviet ISU-152 self-propelled gun.

Five military launchers standing on concrete platforms among autumn trees
A tank standing on a stone base among autumn trees and leaves

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