Blood-stained hill


The peak rises to 997 m above sea level, in the midst of one of the more inaccessible areas of the Bieszczady Mountains. A red trail leads there from Żebrak Pass or the deserted village of Duszatyn. Chryszczata is a place with a rich but tragic history. In the 20th century, battles were fought there in the years 1914-1915, 1920, 1944 and 1945-1947. Trenches, ditches and cemeteries, and both marked and unmarked graves remain. These are most likely, as the graves are unnamed, resting places of Poles, Germans, Russians, Ukrainians, Austrians, Hungarians and soldiers of other nationalities who fought here in inaccessible and inhospitable terrain.

A wooden cross among snow-covered large stones in the forest
A forest, wooden shed and an information board against the background of winter trees

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