Monument of Gothic wooden architecture

Wooden Church of the St Michael the Archangel in Wietrzno

Gothic is primarily associated with red brick buildings, soaring and slender. However, it also has a second, wooden side, which is presented by the church in Wietrzno. It is a church from the 18th century, built in the late Gothic style of Małopolska carpentry. The structure is made in the log technique and the walls are boarded with vertically arranged boards, with numerous simple lace decorations. Above the entrance is a tower with an Orthodox-like onion-shaped dome. The interior, on the other hand, is late Baroque, much of it covered in polychrome. In the centre of the main altar is a 15th-century image of Our Lady Queen of Angels. The main and side altars are made of black-painted wood and covered with rich gilding.

The side of a wooden church with a foundation and several stairs against a bright blue sky

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