Church with the relics of Poland's patron saint

Sanctuary of St Adalbert in Bieliny

Situated on the other bank of the San River from the town of Rudnik, Bieliny was to become a stop on St. Adalbert's way to an evangelising mission in Prussia. The church, which protects the relics, was built in the 1860s and is a typical Baroque temple with a massive pediment and semi-columns on the outer facade, slimming the silhouette of the building. The interior is richly covered with figural frescoes and geometric-plant motifs, as well as imitation architectural elements. The presbytery contains a beautiful main altar, black with gilding, similar to the side altars. Inside the church, one can see the stone baptistery and the epitaphs of the donors buried there.

A white-orange church with an ornate facade and a black inscription fenced with a light-colored wall with an orange brick gate

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