French-style palace

Palace and Park Complex in Ruda Różaniecka

The current block of the chateau is a 20th-century development of an earlier 18th-century structure. Work commissioned by Hugo Wattman created a beautiful residence in the French Neo-Baroque style, touched in places by Art Nouveau influences. The wide front of the building, topped on both sides by small corner turrets, is light and harmonious, mainly due to the portico, which is a balcony supported by 4 columns, shading the entrance. A noteworthy detail is a pediment with crests, topped with a crown and bust of a knight. One can also admire the window stucco and ornaments on the cornice under the roof.

A light pink palace building with a light green roof and wide stairs leading to the entrance
Light pink turret of the palace with a light green roof and large windows

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