Country manor house by a pond

Manor complex in Izdebki

The small chateau in the centre of the village was built at the end of the 19th century. It stands on a small hill next to a pond, which creates a very pretty landscape. The symmetrical facade with a terrace supported by 4 columns above the entrance creates an impression of lightness and proportionality. Significant damage and alterations to the interior took place between 1945 and 1992, when it housed the militia and a health centre. The palace cannot be visited inside, only the exterior can be viewed. In addition to the manor house, there is also an 18th-century granary and a 19th-century park. Commemorative mounds have been erected next to the palace, the Independence and 3rd of May Mounds.

A light beige country house with a red, snow-covered roof and large windows among the trees
Light beige country house with a snowy roof with wide stairs leading to the snowy shore of a pond

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