Gothic temple from the 15th century

Wooden Church of All Saints in Blizne

The temple in Blizne is an example of Gothic wooden architecture in the Podkarpackie region. Erected in the 15th century, it has a timber-frame construction, with a well-defined tower above the vestibule, with a characteristic pyramidal shape. The gable shingle roof, with a high steeple, is topped with a little bell. The interior of the church is covered with Renaissance (chancel) and younger (nave) polychromes. The rectangular presbytery is separated by a rood beam with a passion group. In its centre stands a later Baroque altar; the side altars also date from this era. Interesting features are the small late Renaissance pulpit and the sculpture of the Madonna on the left side altar.

A wooden Orthodox church surrounded by a wooden fence against the background of autumn trees
A cobbled road to a wooden church surrounded by a fence with white brick chapels

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