A temple with a troubled history

An orange church with a red roof and a tall steeple behind a dark green tree

Church of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Mołodycz

The small church was founded as a Greek Catholic tserkva and was taken over by the Catholic Church in 1972 after the state authorities forbade the reconstruction of the church, which had been destroyed during the fighting with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Architecturally, it is a typical Orthodox church of tripartite construction with a nave, chancel and women's gallery. The nave is widened, giving the church a cruciform shape. On the roof is a small dome on a hexagonal drum and a small cupola over the chancel. The main altar is Baroque gold with a blue central niche containing a statue of Mary. Unfortunately, elements typical of an Orthodox church, including the iconostasis and wall paintings, have not been preserved.

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