Historical Military Architecture with a New Purpose

Przemyśl Fortress - Fort XVI "Zniesienie"

Among the forts of the Przemyśl Fortress, the architectural form and design solutions of Fort XVI "Zniesienie" are particularly intriguing. It consists of three artillery ramparts and connecting embankments shielding the infantry. These formed an irregular polygon, with its wider face directed southwards. In the middle of the complex was a concrete ammunition storage, which was blown up during the fortress's capitulation in 1915. The fort's construction began in the mid-19th century and was remodeled three decades later. It is neighbored by the forts XVIc "Three Crosses" (620m northwest) and XVIb "Tatar Mound" (450m southeast). It is essential to note that it was part of the fortress's inner ring, located just a kilometer in a straight line from the city centre. Currently, a city amphitheater and a monumental cross on Zniesienie have been incorporated into the fort's layout.

Fort XVI "Abolition"

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