A paradise for plant lovers

Arboretum in Bolestraszyce

A manor home and park setting from the 19th century were chosen when an arboretum was envisaged in the 1970s. Various plant species were cultivated on this site for scientific and breeding purposes. Currently, the facility in Bolestraszyce covers about 25 hectares. More than 2,200 trees and shrubs, 1,200 herbaceous plants and 180 greenhouse plants grow in the Arboretum. Several plants collections have been distinguished: dendrological, pomological, aquatic and swamp plants, greenhouse plants, and heathers. In addition, educational and workshop activities for children and adults are organised in the buildings belonging to the institution. Also, the unit has a natural history museum with an ornithological, entomological and dendrological exhibition. Since 1996, the institution has been taking care of one of the forts of the Przemyśl Fortress - XIIIb Bolestraszyce.

A complex of ponds surrounded by stones, paths and plants in autumn yellow and orange colors, in the background a small wooden building

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