Example of the rundling type village

The market square in Mrzygłód

The former town of Tyrawa, today's village of Mrzygłód, is an example of an oval-type village layout (rundling), which has been perfectly preserved since the foundation of the village, and certainly since its location under the town law in 1425 by Władysław Jagiełło. The urban layout consisted of a central oval, defined by a road diverging and converging again, in which there was usually a market square on one side and a temple (today the ruins of an Orthodox church) on the other, and a water intake in the middle. The small square in the southern part of the oval is surrounded by contemporary low-rise residential buildings. Today it no longer serves as a marketplace but is still the centre of the village with a monument to the donor of the foundation charter, erected on the 500th anniversary of the victory at Grunwald.

Water pump at the well under a roof fenced with a wooden fence against the background of a green house with painted colorful wings
A cyclist in a blue and black jacket riding a cobbled road against a dark green cottage with orange shutters

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