Monument to the tragically deceased countess

A white chapel in the forest, with a wooden roof, decorated with flowers and colorful ribbons and Polish flags

Shrine on the way to Brzóza Królewska

Interestingly, the chapel was not dedicated to a miraculous image or saint but was erected in memory of the tragic accident of Countess Julia Zamoyska, wife of Count Adam Zdzisław. In 1922, during a hunting trip, she was severely injured by a dying boar and died after being taken to a hospital in Kraków. Similarly, her husband also lost his life in a hunting accident 11 years later. The shrine is wooden, on a high stone pedestal, with an onion-shaped dome on the roof. The tympanum inscribes the date and reason for the dedication of the foundation. Next to it is a boulder dedicated to the Count's memory, laid by the Counts of Potocki.

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