Baroque Basilica and Stations of the Cross in the Franciscan Monastery Complex

Kalwaria Pacławska

The Franciscan monastic complex with Calvary chapels is one of the most well-known sacred monuments in the Podkarpackie region. In the middle of a small village, between 1770-1775, the Basilica of the Finding of the Holy Cross was erected. It shelters the miraculous image of Our Lady of Calvary, which until 1679 was located in Kamieniec Podolski. The monumental Baroque temple dazzles with stucco work and polychrome (at least some of which are distinctly Rococo), but it is just a part of the religious complex consisting of 42 chapels that commemorate Christ's last earthly journey. Nearby, one can also find remains of the 17th-century bastion fortifications that surrounded the monastery.

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