Experience the history, culture, and brewing traditions of Leżajsk

Leżajsk Land Museum in Leżajsk

This museum was established in 2004, during extensive works to renovate the city's landmarks. Its seat is the neoclassical Manor of the Elders, an 18th-century building with a symmetrical ground floor structure and a usable attic, leading out to a spacious balcony shading the main doors. The museum features exhibitions on brewing, ethnography, toys, and the history of the Leżajsk land. The brewing exhibition recalls the city's brewing history, which dates back to the 16th century and the reign of King Sigismund I the Old. It includes mugs, gadgets, labels, and a 19th-century steam engine used in brewing the golden beverage. The historical exhibition emphasizes the 20th century and World War II, in which the inhabitants of Leżajsk participated in many ways.

Figure in front of the museum

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