An interesting, modern structure, erected on a hill with a shape resembling a shell

Roman Catholic Church of the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary in Dylągówka

The parish in Dylągówka is young, as it was established in 1983, carved out from a part of the large parish in Hyżne. The church was built around the same time as the parish's establishment. It is an intriguing, modern construction, erected on a hill next to the regional road no. 877. Its shape resembles a left-coiling shell. The front facade is semi-circular, with a semi-circular niche built above the vestibule for the organ. The interior features a mezzanine and a distinct sanctuary. The modern altar consists of a tabernacle and a large cross on the rear wall, surrounded by an image of the Last Supper, narrow stained-glass windows, and a depiction of praying angels on the ceiling.

Semicircular facade of a white church on a hill, green vegetation at the bottom, blue sky in the background

Jego kształt przypomina muszlę, elewacja frontowa jest półokrągła

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