Baroque roadside figure in the capital of wickerwork

The figure of St John of Nepomuk in Rudnik nad Sanem

Roadside shrines and figures are so common that they are often sadly overlooked. This is also the case with the statue of St John of Nepomuk on Mickiewicza St. This Baroque work of art is the oldest monument in the town. It was founded by Countess Hompesch in 1845. The statue of the saint stands atop a low column, set on a cuboid pedestal. A faithful reproduction of a human figure, the saint has his attributes: cassock, roquet, biretta and crucifix, the sign of his martyrdom. It is worth mentioning that the Saint was said to have died for refusing to reveal to the king of Bohemia, Wenceslaus IV, the secret confession of his wife, Zofia of Bavaria.

A shrine with a statue of a saint in a forest surrounded by a metal railing and colorful flowers

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