Tserkva on the hill

Former wooden Greek-Catholic tserkva of Sobor of Mother of God in Hłomcza

Although the founding of the parish dates back to the 15th century, the church dates from 1859. It has a structure typical of Greek Catholic churches: it is wooden, tripartite - with a women's gallery, nave and chancel, with onion-shaped domes on the roof over each part, and oriented to the east. The interior retains an iconostasis depicting figures of saints and the tsar's gates. The church has a bell tower and a brick entrance gate, accessed by a few low steps. The whole is surrounded by a wooden fence with stone pillars. The parish was temporarily Orthodox but has been Greek Catholic again since 1990.

A wooden orthodox church with a green roof and a turret with a cross next to a tree and an Orthodox cross standing in the snow
A wooden church with a green roof and turrets with a cross seen from behind a snow-covered coniferous tree

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