Catholic temple with Uniate decor

Church of St Anne in Radawa

The date of consecration is above the entrance - 1927. The church is new and small, neo-Baroque in form and eclectic in design. It has a single nave with a wide facade and a separate chancel and vestibule. The decoration comes from tserkvas that no longer exist; the main altar from Jarosław and the side altars from Sieniawa. They are beautiful Baroque constructions and the first altar, apart from the painting, bears a passion group on top. Bells were similarly acquired, one comes from Zapałów, the other from Jarosław, and the third was cast from the collected remains of various bells from the area, left over from World War I.

A stone figure of a praying child against the background of stone crosses in the forest
Crosses and stone cemetery shrines against the backdrop of a bright church with a gray roof and a tower

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