Temple of the rafters

Ulanów - wooden church

Referred to as the “rafters” church, after the profession practised by most of the local parishioners, it is unique due to its unusual attempt to combine the traditions and solutions used in brick and wooden church construction. It is functionally divided into a small semi-circular chancel, a small main nave and an extended vestibule in a distinctly Baroque style with two small towers with onion domes. This form was achieved by rebuilding the 1690 building in the mid-18th century. The interior is covered with polychromes from the 18th century, which unfortunately were subject to distortion in later centuries. An undoubted highlight is the white Baroque main altar with gilding and round and square columns, and the two side altars, in the same style, with elaborate spiral columns.

A bench in the shape of a bicycle chain against the background of a small wooden church
A wooden, small church with a sloping gray roof

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