The forgotten gem of Nienadowa - the classicistic Mycielski Manor and Farm Complex

Manor from circa 1810 of the Mycielski family of the Dołęga coat of arms in Nienadowa

The manor-farm complex in Nienadowa was established at the beginning of the 19th century for the Mycielski family. The main object is a Polish-style classicist manor house with a symmetrical facade featuring a high, two-storey portico supported by four Doric columns. Stucco also covers the entablature and pediment with a place for a coat of arms. In addition, the complex includes an annex, guardhouse (a building for the gatekeeper), cowshed, granary, forge, storehouse, distillery, cottages, and a manor park. Currently, the annex is inhabited, also neoclassical, with doors shaded by a balcony supported on identical columns as in the manor. The oldest elements of the establishment are the seventeenth-century cellars under the manor. The object is not open for viewing and urgently requires renovation.

The main gate of the Manor

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