Treasury of fortification history

Fort V "Grochowce" of Przemyśl Fortress

Fort V "Grochowce", belonging to the main belt of fortifications of Przemyśl Fortress, lies to the south of the city, having Fort VI "Iwanowa Góra" (2.9 km) to the west, and Fort IV "Optyń" (2.4 km) to the east. The hidden facility, nestled in a grove, was built in the 1880s, modifying the existing artillery redoubts. A mixed construction of earth, brick, and concrete was used, attempting to achieve a satisfactory cost to effect ratio. The armament consisted of 18 cannons of various calibres. During the Russian siege, the garrison repelled Russian assaults and surrendered along with the fortress, destroying ammunition supplies and some significant defensive devices. The devastation of the fort progressed after Poland regained independence, as this fort, like many other remains of Przemyśl Fortress, served as a reservoir of building materials. It is currently fairly well preserved, with the barracks and communication routes within the facility particularly noteworthy.

Tunnel in the fortress

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