Traces of Wars, Destruction, and Soldier Life

Fort VIII “Łętownia” of the Fortress of Przemyśl

This is one of the forts of the Fortress of Przemyśl, built in the 1880s by Austro-Hungary. It protected the north-western approaches to this strategically important city. The construction of the fort was mixed, earth-brick-concrete, which on one hand was a manifestation of striving to increase its resistance to enemy artillery fire, and on the other allowed rationalisation of construction costs. Preserved were spaces for the 350-soldier garrison of the fort, as well as gun turrets for eight cannons. The fort was not captured during the Russian siege, and was occupied by the Prussians in the assault in 1915. Most of the destruction was caused by the surrendering Austrians, detonating ammunition stocks, and the rest by the Polish Army in the interwar period, procuring valuable building materials. During the next war, it was a place of execution for Poles and Jews. The fort is open for touring, it is especially worth paying attention to the living conditions of the fort's crew, preserved in the sleeping quarters, latrines or communication corridors.

Outside of the fortifications
Entrance to the Fort

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