Silent ruins of a mighty fortress

Fort XIII “San Rideau”

The San Rideau armoured fort was erected to withstand the firing of every type of gun used in the late 19th century. It was equipped with 12 cannons, 3 howitzers and 3 mortars in fortified positions. It was a large, trapezoidal structure measuring 250x90 m, with a dry moat and counter slopes. Support in the fight was to be provided by two nearby forts XIIIa and XIIIb in Zabłocie and Bolestraszyce. It was severely damaged during the fighting in 1915 and further devastation occurred in the interwar period. The fort, despite damage estimated at 75%, is open to the public with extreme caution. It is worth adding that it was in its ruins that in 1923 a Russian prisoner buried 8 years prior was said to be found, although the truth of the story is not fully proven.

The side wall of a concrete fort covered with moss and vegetation
Fort wall with metal steps seen from behind a stone rock

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